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Recommended Books

These books have been recommended by team Amplify based on our readings and findings associated with the content.


Option Volatility & Pricing

This book is the holy grail for the option world. Right from beginners to advanced level, everything is explained in a very brief way. Sheldon Natenberg made sure that everyone gets very well versed with the terms now.


Options as a Strategic Investment

How Options Contracts act as an insurance to hedge equity portfolio. How to maintain downside risk no matter how market is performing.


The Black Swan

Another masterpiece by Nassim Taleb after Fooled by randomness is Black Swan. How unpredictable and rare events changes and has lasting impact on person’s life.


When Genius Failed

How one of the biggest hedge funds in the world failed by their behavior and not research.

This book written by Roger Lowenstein gives you a deep insight on how Smart Money thinks and works.


Fooled by Randomness

It is a word-of-mouth sensation that will change the way you think about business and the world. Probability, surprises, illusions, concoction of these things will blow your mind.


Atomic Habits

This has personally changed my life for good. My favorite book and the best way to start your reading journey. How small habits turn you into a superhero, that’s the outcome this book will inculcate in you.

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