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Mission & Vision Statement

Our Mission is to desmystify the myths to the derivative world by providing a sound and logical trading system to the upcoming trader and investor community

Our Vision is to build opportunities for every individual through knowledge and skill development, thus creating a new frontier in global financial education.

Meet the Team

We have a team of skilled financial strategist, who constantly improvises on our strategies, codes, and research methods to build reliable formulas and drive maximum return with minimal risk.

Adrian John


The brainchild behind Amplify which, with his inhouse calculation and strategies has set the base for the company. 

With his extensive experience in global stock markets in NASDAQ and DAX, he is at the forefront of strategizing and execution at Amplify.

With 9 years of Experience and background of working in Arbitrage department in a hedge fund. He is the one to look out for our Arbitrage course.

Apurva Sharma

Head Research and Business Development

With an experience of 7 years as a trader/investor and 4 years as an options trader, he leads the research & business development department at Amplify. He has a knack for understanding the trends, capitalizing on the opportunities, and maintaining interpersonal relations with his clients and is the ‘go-to’ person. He has worked in Deloitte for 3 years auditing Insurance and Mutual fund companies and as a research analyst at CoValue.

Why Amplify ?

We practice what we preach

Optimized Strategies

Our team of skilled financial strategists constantly improvises on our strategies, codes,
and research methods, to build reliable formulas to drive maximum returns at minimal
risk. Strategies are dynamic based on the market volatility.

Risk & Return brackets

We strive to train people to get returns over and above the traditional instruments on a
monthly basis. This difference is termed as Alpha.

Abode of Learning

Demystifying the world of derivative markets, and supporting our retail traders well
aware of their financial portfolio.

Customized Services & Direct Relations

Our students are at the forefront of our functioning wherein we provide customized plans
and strategies to them to help them enhance their portfolios, create more wealth than what they planned for. With monthly reports and regular consultations, the student will be in a constant loop of their portfolios.

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