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Learn, Trade and Grow

About Amplify

‘Knowledge becomes power only when we put it to use’

We are a financial education organization, founded in the year 2016, Kolkata.


Our purpose is to provide equal opportunity for every individual who aspire to venture into the stock market.

Amplify is managed and owned by Institutional Traders Group.


Our R&D is the core of our market knowledge. Opportunities in the Global Financial Market requires market participants to be equipped with skills that can generate returns under all market conditions.


Here, we are always focused on developing automated trading systems that can lead during Live Market scenarios. 

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Our Courses

Amplify offers 3 exclusive courses, curated specifically to meet the needs of traders, investors and institutions. Our forte is in devising Nifty and Banknifty strategies.

*GST will be charged separately


We have trained over 150 traders and over 10 institutions...

Kaushal Thakkar

When I joined this course, I just expected to learn how to make a few trades here & there. In all honesty, this course is so much more than that. More than the trades, you learn the logic and calculation behind the trades which builds your knowledge and confidence.

Suramya Sharma

Apurva has been a brilliant tutor and mentor to me. I’ve literally showered him with countless doubts (some really stupid) & he’s patiently cleared all and still encourages me to ask more. That is what I love most about this, his passion for the markets and teaching.

Junaid Hasan

Loved every minute studying in Amplify and gained great knowledge right from the scratch being a beginner, looking forward to life as a life coach and being part of changing lives with amplify in financial market.

Aman Jha

3D delta profile acts as a 6th sense for traders who wants to have a tailored idea of trend in live market and with a simplified way it gets a lot more easier where you don't need to take help from several tabs on your browser and see different parameters to conclude a Bullish or Bearish trade.

Avijit Kaushik

This course is very different from the traditional option courses in the market which gets over in 2 days. I appreciate their planned approach phased out in a month’s time. In this way we could test, revise and actually see each strategy and calculation right after its been taught.

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