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  • Learn how markets function from Auction perspective. This course will assist you in catching big trends and strong reversals levels.


  • This software will guide you as to where big buyers and sellers are positioning themselves in the market and where likely they are looking to take the market.


  • By using Market profile tool, one can often discover confirming information (positive or negative) in the market structure before it is reflected in significant price movement.


  • Securing good trade location or being able to exit a bad trade earlier is the advantage we get from using this tool.


  • Once the auction is started, competition and eagerness among buyers and sellers move the market up and down. Price would continue to go up until there is the last buyer. Similarly, the market would continue auctioning down until there is the last seller.

3D Delta Profile

Excluding Taxes
  • 4 Weeks

  • To join the batch drop us a mail at or call +919874499818

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